Attached Departments

Directorate of Women Development

The Directorate of Women Development, Punjab aims to function as a dedicated arm of the Government of the Punjab with the mandate of handling the issues related to Gender and Development and to spearhead gender mainstreaming activities in whole of the province.

The establishment of the Directorate of Women Development shows commitment of the Government of the Punjab and the country to the National Plan of Action (NPA), National Policy for Development and Empowerment of Women, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHA), Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) acceded by Pakistan in February, 1996 and Millennium Development Goals (CDGS).

Punjab Commission on the Status of Women

The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) was created by the Punjab Assembly through the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women Act, 2014 as an oversight body to ensure that laws, policies and programs of the Government of Punjab promote women’s empowerment; that efforts are made for expansion of opportunities for socio-economic development of women, and discrimination against women in all forms is eliminated. PCSW started functioning in March, 2014. 

PCSW has a broad mandate, ranging from review of laws, rules, policies, programs and other measures of the government; to monitoring implementation of laws and policies for achievement of gender equality and elimination of discrimination against women. It is also mandated to facilitate and monitor implementation of instruments and obligations affecting women and girls to which Pakistan is a signatory, and advise the Government before ratification or accession to any such proposed international instrument, covenant, protocol or treaty. A key function of the Commission is to undertake research, collect data for policy recommendations, and monitor violation of women’s rights. It is expected to interact with civil society organizations, experts and individuals and develop active associations with other similar institutions in other countries.

PCSW has powers to seek and receive information, data or documents from any official source and holds powers of a civil court to enforce attendance of any person and production of documents. It can also visit any jail, sub-jail, shelter, crisis center, or other place where women are housed and intervene for redress of women’s rights. Read More