Our Message

Women Development Department (WDD) continued its stride towards advancement of our vision to enable women of the province to reach their potential in a gender sensitive environment.

The department maintained a steady pace of progression toward achievement of almost 100% successful implementation of the Development Programme. Trainings were imparted to 690 Domestic Workers for skill enhancement and awareness of their rights as women. Facilities in the Working Women Hostels operated under the department were improved through development budget. Moreover, Directorate of Women Development launched a robust awareness programme for women empowerment through a planned, comprehensive and branded campaign in print, electronic and social media. It may be appreciated that it was for the first time that such a well coordinated awareness campaign was envisaged.

Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) working as a special institution under the WDD also embarked upon a focused training programme for Nikah Khuwans and capacity building of women leaders to become potential members of various Boards/Committees.

The ongoing activities of monitoring the progress of Women Packages by the WDD and constant updation of gender disaggregated data by PCSW continued as in preceding years.

The year’s achievements were realized as a result of collaboration by a lean team of officers and staff of the WDD. It is hoped that plans for the ensuing year would also be eagerly implemented and successfully achieved with continued dedication and team work.

Ambreen Raza