Our functions, under the Punjab Government Rules of Business, 2011 are as following:

  • Legislation, policy formulation and sectoral planning for women development
  • Transformation of the government into an organization that actively practices and promotes gender equality and women empowerment
  • Implementation of administrative and institutional reforms and departmental restructuring for promoting gender equality
  • Mainstreaming gender equality perspective across public policies, laws, programs, and projects by departments and agencies of the government with a focus on women empowerment
  • Promotion, coordination and monitoring of execution of national and provincial policies and commitments on gender reforms and women development
  • Provision of technical support and expertise for gender mainstreaming in all departments of the government and its agencies
  • Expansion of investment in women’s socio-political and economic development to achieve the goal of gender equity
  • Collection of quantitative and qualitative data and conducting of research on the status of women in the Punjab to highlight issues at appropriate forum
  • Building of partnership with line departments, non-governmental and civil society organizations to deliver on the rights and entitlement of women
  • Pursuance of means and measures to increase participation of women in political process and encouragement of effective representation of women in political and administrative spheres
  • Collaboration with legal, judicial, law enforcement and other relevant governmental and non-government agencies to facilitate women’s access to formal legal and justice system