Consequent to post 18th amendment in the Constitution, and provincial governments developed a renewed focus on issues pertaining to women. The department of Women Development was established in 2012 to ensure women empowerment and for developing enabling environment for the women. Since its creation, the department, in a collaborated effort with all other departments, framed Punjab Women Empowerment Initiatives in line with that of 2012 for ensuring women empowerment and equality in true letter and spirit and to attain the following outcomes:

  • Provisioning of support services like financial assistance, technical training, social uplift, etc.
  • Universal access to justice
  • Preventive measures to curb Violence, in any form, against women
  • Working with civil society and communities to eliminate discriminatory behaviors & attitudes
  • Availability of ample opportunities to improve socio-political-economic status of women
  • Achievement of Gender equality and equity in real terms


A gender- sensitive Punjab, where women and men enjoy equity and equality in all walks of life; women and girls are able to fulfill their roles towards achieving and enjoying individual and collective well-being, development and prosperity without any explicit or implicit discrimination.


To provide an enabling women development framework which supports inclusive governance and development in Punjab. The purpose of which is to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women, alongside men, at the level of family, community, workplace and across all state apparatus.  


To eliminate and systematically eradicate all manifestations of explicit and implicit gender discrimination across all spheres of society including governance, development and livelihood.