Women Working Hostel Gujranwala

Name of Hostel:                     Working Women Hostel Gujranwala

Manger Name :                      Miss Mahwish Batool

Contact No:                           (055)3253637  

Email:                                     mahwishkaifi@gmail.com

Address of Hostel:               Near SanatZar, Jinah Road, Under Pass, Gujranwala

Capacity of Inmates:            36

No Inmates:                          32

Vacant seats:                        04

Facilities:                              Television, Internet / Wifi, News paper, Washing Machine, Fridge, Furniture (Bed, Table, Chair),

                                               Water Cooler, Oven, T.V Lounge, Dining Hall, Waiting Room for visitors, Kitchen, 

                                               Every time presence of one person at main gate of Hostel building, Four Security Cameras




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