Punjab Women Empowerment Initiatives 2014

Economic Empowerment

Skill Development

  • Skills for market Training Program to be extended from 4000 rural women to 10,000 rural women
  • Training of Women Domestic Workers
  • Veterinary Training of Women in Livestock & Poultry at Tehsil Hospitals of Livestock & Diary Development Department
  • Technical Training of workers’ wives for earning livelihood
  • Free of Cost vocational training to women belonging to minority communities in Punjab

Poverty Reduction

  • Exclusive space is existing Sunday Bazars and Ramadan Bazars for minim women Bazars where women can set up stalls
  • Establishment of cottage villages for women in Labour Colonies as a sale point of handmade clothes. Jewelry, handicrafts
  • Distribution of poultry and cattle among rural women for economic empowerment and increase of production in livestock and meat

Business Development

  • Women Contractors to run canteens in Women Educational Intuitions to encourage women to participate in economic development


  • Delegations of power to divisional level officers for sanction of leave to Health, School and Higher Education Employees
  • Establishment of Working Women Endowment Fund to provide affordable residential facilities to working women
  • Private Sector to encouraged to adopt employment policies to encourage women’s participation in the workplace
  • Establishment of Punjab Day Care Fund Society
  • Day Care workers’ training.

Decision Making

  • Inclusion of women in executive body and as office bearers in trade union in the same proportion in which they are employed in the establishment provided that at least one member in the executive body shall be female

Social Empowerment

Enabling Environment

  • Launch of harassment awareness volunteer program

Status of Women

  • Establishment of Punjab Commission on the Status of Women


  • Help Desk for females in every Police Station of Punjab
  • Toll Free Women’s Helpline
  • Domestic Workers Policy for protection of domestic workers

Land Ownership

  • Amendment in Land Revenue Laws

Women and Family

  • Waiving of Fee on new / late Birth Registration of a girl child
  • Establishment of spate Family Court Complex in every district
  • Family Law Reforms

Mindset Change

  • Inclusion of Punjab Women Empowerment Initiatives, Gender equality and women issues in school curricula for imparting cultural change
  • Inclusion of Punjab Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2012 and Punjab Women Empowerment Package 2012 in the training courses conducted at MPDD, Revenue Academy, Police Training Centers and other training institutions

Women and Mobility

  • Provision of societies for working women


  • Establishment of 06 new Female Colleges
  • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund will award scholarships to 38,387 females during 2014 - 16


  • Health insurance policy
  • Antenatal Clinic Services
  • Provision of 300 Ambulances
  • Up graduation of Gynecology wards and theaters
  • Birth waiting Rooms at DHQ/THQ in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur districts