WDD Collaboration with Fauji Fertilizers

Collaboration with Fauji Fertilizer for the awareness on the Individual Rights of Women,

WDD introduced following courses with the collaboration of Fauji Fertilizer:

  • Awareness Session on Individual Rights for Rural Women
  • Beautician Training Course
  • Domestic Workers Training Course
  • Cooking Program for Lady-Cooks
  • Health and Safety Sessions for Women in Agriculture Sector
  • FACE-FFC will provide at least 1 success story of Rural Women for the 5th edition of the digital magazine


Sessions regarding awareness on "Individual Rights of Women" in collaboration with Fauji Fertilizer.

Following Sessions were conducted:

  1.        Session for women registered for Financial Support Programs by FACE was arranged
    1. In the FACE Office .
    2. 25 females participated.
    3. After the Session interview and feedback was taken from the mobilizers and females.
  2.        Session for Lady Health Workers in
    1. RHC AhmedpurLamma was arranged.
    2. About 10 to 15 ladies participated in the session.


  1. Separate Session for
    1. School Teachers and students of 10th grade
    2. At Govt. High School AhmedpurLamma was arranged.

There were more than 50 participants in the session.