Punjab Day Care Fund Society

The Punjab Day Care Fund (PDCF) Society established by the Government of Punjab was registered under the “Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860” on December 7, 2012. The Society is tasked to establish Day Care Centres (DCCs) on international standards in public and private sector organizations in order to facilitate working women of the Institutions. Directorate of Women Development (DWD), Punjab (Secretariat PDCF Society) is mandated to disburse funds in order to establish DCCs across Punjab.


  • Prepare and execute policies for the establishment of Day Care Centres (DCCs) at workplaces to support working women
  • Disburse grant through open mechanism to public organization, (NPOs), (NGOs) and (CBOs)
  • Develop operational guidelines and standards for DCCs
  • Coordinate similar activities for the empowerment of women in public private mode
  • Expand and revitalize the existing DCCs
  • Promote research on the concept and need of DCCs in the Punjab
  • Undertake surveys of DCCs to prepare an inventory of their resources, identify finance and man power, take measures to monitor, improve and supplement performance

Financial Guidelines

  • Assistance is provided as per PDCF Society (Finance & Audit) Rules. 2012
  • Assistance is for the period of one year only
  • Funding is on co-finance basis. 70:30
  • (70% cost provided by the PDCF Society & 30% cost is to be borne by the applicant)
    • Funds to be used for operational expenditure and for the purchase of specified list of equipment only
    • Funds cannot be used for brick and mortar

PDCF Society - Accomplishments

2013 - 2021

  • Established DCCs: 221
  • Operational DCCs: 156
  • To Be Operational DCCs (Funds Released): 63
  • Total Kids Benefitted (Est): 9,917
  • Total Families Benefitted (Est): 7,350
  • Total Jobs Created (Est): 935