Punjab Women Empowerment Initiatives 2017

  1. Formulation of Punjab Gender Policy.
  2. Existing Mobile Units to be provided with all basic facilities for screening breast cancer in rural areas.
  3. Legal Reform in Christian family and inheritance laws.
  4. SME Business trainings for 18,600 women entrepreneurs.
  5. (a)     IT training by WDD through PITB
    (b) Skills Development of 40,000 female students with stipend of Rs.1000/- per month.
  6. Interest free micro finance to 300,000 females to start own business through Chief Minister’s Self Employment Scheme in 2017-18.
  7. Provision of Bus stop with designated waiting spaces for women in urban and rural areas.
  8. Establishment of Women Business Incubation Centers (WBIC) in Chambers of Commerce & Industries in 8 cities and ‘One-Stop’ platform for women-led businesses.