Economic Initiatives


Public Sector Employment

Following steps have been taken to encourage induction and retention of women in public sector: 
  • Quota for women in public service employment for the posts in BS-1 to 15 has been enhanced from 5% to 15% vide notification SOR-IV(S&GAD)15-1/2012 Dated 21-05-2012.
  • Relaxation of upper age limit up to 3 years across the board for female candidates has been notified vide notification No. SORI(S&GAD)9-36/81 Dated 21-05-2012.
  • All women contractual employees have been allowed to avail one additional chance of transfer to the place of residence of spouse in case of marriage, vide notification No. No. DS(O&M)5-3/2004/CONTRACT(MF) Dated 21-05-2012 of S&GAD.
  • At least one woman in all selection and recruitment committees for regular and contractual employment has been made compulsory vide notification No. SOR-IV(S&GAD)10-1/2003 Dated 17-05-2012 issued by Regulation Wing of S&GAD, Government of the Punjab.
  • Appointment of 25% women as Members of the Punjab Public Service Commission is in process in the S&GAD.
  • Representation of 33% women in all Boards of statutory organizations, public sector companies and committees as well as special purpose task force and committees is in process.
  • Government is taking action in accordance with law to radically increase women representation in all administrative leadership positions (including departmental head offices and key field offices).
  • Amendments in relevant law to provide 33% female consultants in the office of Provincial Ombudsman are also in process.
  • Provincial Ombudsman has assured to appoint 33% women as Consultants in his Office as soon as existing Consultants complete their tenure. Amendments in the relevant law to provide 33% female consultants are also in process.
  • Deduction of House rent of only one spouse if government accommodation is allotted and both are government servants, is under consideration.
  • All women contractual employees have been allowed to avail one additional chance of transfer to the place of residence of spouse in case of marriage, by notification  of S&GAD.
  • Deduction of House rent of only one spouse if government accommodation is allotted and both are government servants, is under consideration with the Punjab Government.

Maternity Leave

Following amendments in the Revised Leave Rules have been notified vide No. FD.SR.II-9-107/2012 Dated 30-10-2012 and No. FD.SR.II-9-107/2012 Dated 31-10-2012 by the Finance Department:
  • Application of maternity leave shall deem to be approved as soon as maternity leave application is moved to the immediate superior.
  • Women employees are not required now to provide fitness certificate on joining after availing maternity leave.
  • Maternity leave shall not be less than 90 days. Condition to avail 45 days before and 45 days after birth has been abolished.
  • One week paternity leave is admissible for male employees for two children.

Day Care Centers

  • Punjab Day Care Fund (PDCF) has been established to support working women to make workplaces women friendly on a co-finance basis.
  • An initial grant of Rs.100 million is being provided to the Fund for disbursement through an open proposal mechanism from NPOs, NGOs/CBO and public organizations. The board of the fund has been notified with Women Development Directorate working as its Secretariat.
  • The Chief Secretary has approved establishment of a Flagship Day Care Center in Punjab Civil Secretariat. Contract has been awarded to service provider by S&GAD.
  • Day Care Centers are mandatory in all public sector offices (including universities, colleges, hospitals and other organizations) with five or more than five female employees (in process).
  • Amendment in appropriate laws will be enacted to make it mandatory for all commercial/industrial establishments to have a Day Care in their premises. Amendments in Shops and Establishment Ordinance, 1969 are on the agenda of cabinet for approval. 
  • Day Care shall also be an eligible category for finance out of the Worker’s Welfare Fund.
  • Guidelines and standards for day care centres are being developed by Women Development Department.
  • Punjab Skills Development Fund, as per its mandate shall finance training for developing skilled workforce for the Day Care Centers.

Women Entrepreneurs

The Bank of Punjab has announced  Women Entrepreneurship Financing Scheme for loans for commercial ventures by women for initiatives including:
  • Day Care Centers
  • Bakeries
  • Eateries
  • Catering
  • Furniture
  • Interior Designing
  • Boutiques
  • Fitness Gyms
  • Event Management
  • Vocational Institutes
  • Driving Schools
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing and Accessories

Rs. 2.00 billion has been allocated to this scheme. Business Development Services are extended by Bank of Punjab. A panel of experts has ben engaged for initial advice followed by feasibility study and business plan preparation. Job creation is one of the criteria for approval of loan application by the Bank of Punjab. Green field projects are also eligible under the scheme.

Interest Free Loans for Women

Government of Punjab has allocated an amount of additional Rs.1.00 billion for the year 2012 - 2013 for disbursement of loans through Akhuwat with a target to support at least 33% women of its total beneficiaries.

Other Measures

Gender Reform Action Plan Project of Women Development Department has established Career Development Centers in Agriculture University Faisalabad, University of Sargodha, University of Gujrat and Arid University Rawalpindi. Instructions have been issued to establish these Centers in all public sector Women Universities. Counseling facilities are being set up in post-graduate colleges. Amenities for women have been provided in all Administrative Departments of Government of Punjab. The same are also being provided in District Offices and Autonomous bodies.
Communication & Works Department, Government of Punjab has issued instructions to Chief Architect Punjab and all Chief and Executive Engineers of the Department for providing separate washroom and prayer room in all future designs of public buildings.

Note: To download application form for establishment or expansion of day care centres, click here.